Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Day

I took DJ back to Picture People again this year for his Valentine's Day cards. I also got these two pictures for free! I love when Picture People sends out their coupons!!
And here is the Valentine's Day card that we will be sending out!

Monday, January 19, 2009

If you think he cannot reach it....

Move it back 5 feet!! DJ had some yogurt with dinner last night. When I thought he was finished, I went to run his bath water, leaving him in the highchair. I put the container of yogurt on the table and thought he could not reach it. Boy was I wrong! Not only could he reach it, but he has decided that it is more fun to eat yogurt with his hands!

Playing with his new toys!

DJ got several Little People sets for Christmas. He is really starting to like playing with them. But how in the world do you keep up with all the little people?? He carries them all over the house!
He also got this neat toy for the kitchen. It is a car wash magnet set. (Thanks Aunt Heather and Uncle Brandon!) Finally something to keep him out of my cabinets. He is starting to carry the magnets all over the house trying to find something else they will stick too. He has realized that they will stick to the garage door and the dishwasher already. Hopefully he won't discover that they will stick to the stove!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fixing his New Car

Nana and Papa got DJ the Lightening McQueen car for Christmas and Santa brought him some tools to work on it with. Here he is showing Daddy how to fix his new car!

DJ and his new Tricycle

DJ's aunts got him a tricycle for Christmas. A few weeks ago, it was warm enough for us to get outside and try it out. I really think he is going to enjoy this come spring/summer. Thanks Aunt Kathy and Aunt Laurie!!

Sitting on his tricycle

Hey, what is that down there?!?

I think I will just push it around for a while!