Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny 2009

We had DJ's picture made with the Easter Bunny yesterday. He wouldn't sit in the bunny's lap, but the photographer was quick enough to grab this shot!
But at least is was MUCH better than last year's picture. This bunny has to win the creepiest Easter Bunny ever award!

15 Month/Easter Pictures

Thanks to the wonderful photography studio, The Picture People, I was able to get four 8x10 pictures for less than $6!! I absolutely love their coupons and I am a member of their portrait club. But it is VERY hard to walk away without spending a ton. I just remind myself that I only have so many picture frames to fill and the less I spend each time the more often I can have his pictures made!
I love the close ups that I get here! They really capture his facial expressions!

I had to get one with the bunny. This was the only one that didn't look like he was about to kill the bunny!

I loved this one. They brought it out in a huge frame and it was so hard to say no to! (Nana, this is the one I got for you too!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Taking George for a Ride

Damon came home the other day with this 4-wheeler for DJ. So far, he really seems to enjoy it and will ride/push it all over the house. Yesterday I caught him giving George a ride on the 4-wheeler! He has also become pretty attached to George lately! We may need to find another one to put up in case something happens to this one.

Nana's Books

DJ LOVES to "read" his books. When we go to Nana and Papa's house, we cannot keep him away from the books. He will pull every last book off the shelf before he can decide which one he wants to look at. If only he could put them up when he is done!

So Sleepy!

We went to Nana and Papa's this weekend and Nana took DJ and Brooklyn to get their pictures made. It must have been a very tiring experience!!