Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wild Animal Safari

We took DJ to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain today and it was great! You get to ride around and feed a bunch of wild animals. DJ really liked it, except when the large animals stuck their heads in the van. I highly recommend visiting. You can drive your own car, or you can rent a van for $11. I would definitely suggest renting the van!

You want me to do what?!
DJ feeding the giraffe.
There were a bunch of deer at the safari.
Up close and personal!
We took DJ back to the Ga Aquarium today and he seemed to enjoy it a lot more than last time! Here are a few photos. There are a lot more on my facebook if you are interested.

Oh look at all the fish!

What he was looking and pointing at!

Looking at the otters. And yes, he is on a leash!

He wanted to get up close and personal with the fish!

He was entranced by this wall of fish.