Friday, June 26, 2009

Learning to Coupon Early!

Evidently, DJ watches me organize my coupons too much! He tries to play with my binder all the time. So, I decided to make him his on binder so hopefully he will leave mine alone! Seems to be working so far!

Sprinkler Fun!!

We bought DJ a Diego sprinker and he seems to enjoy it! Except when the water sprays him in the face.

He also really enjoys his Cozy Coupe. But he can't seem to understand that it is easier to get in the car on the side with the door!

Joy Ride with Brooklyn

Nana and Papa bought this neat little gator for Brooklyn and DJ to ride. They were able to get on it together the other day and had a blast! Brooklyn is a pretty good driver already, but DJ needs a lot of practice! He started trying to mash the gas, but he has no clue how to steer!

Moma's Little Helper

DJ loves to help Moma fold clothes. He is really starting to get into it!

Then he gets mad when he can't get himself out!!